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What is Qingdao VGR all about?


Now you can please an order via MSN ,Skype or email, weather it is one part ,or it is a millon parts,we take our efforts to product it flow our factory control flows,FMEA  and process cards and inspection work instructions.And all the records from incoming inspection records to finishing records before ready for shipment  will be saved 5 years,or longer per request.The order will be controlled from the order recieved and up to on-time deliveried  .and this is not the end ,The usage of the  parts will be followed up to the customer confirm it is good job.If there is any feedback about the parts,we will do analyze immediately ,and DO PDCA  to improve.

Can you handle my special job?

To know what kinds of parts we can make,Please see the menu Capabilities(Applications,Material,Machining and Surface Finishing), To determine if VGR can make you special parts,Please see the menu projects,There are some the representative Projects,If there is not the related projects,Please contact us directly,Our experienced engineers can give you satisfactory answer.

 Can I send you a part that you will make copies of?

You can see the Project ---Pivot Door Hinge,It is an example.And if the process and material are listed in capabilities menu,Then we can DO this job.

 How do you ensure the quality about the parts?

For this item,you can learn from the page Quality Assurance.It show you what we do in controlling the quality.

If you can ship the parts on-time according to the order?

Our order control flow is set up against this item.Once the order placed and confirmed by our business man,A milestone will be set up on the day,and this milestone is made step by step against the process,and also against the quality.Up to shipment.Any deviant,alarm sounded.Then correction will be do.

And for further questions,Please contact us freely.