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Precision Machining and Process
The chart below summarizes various machines that can be used to manufacture parts. 

Machine  Avail. Method  Materials 
Bending  Now Bends sheet metal to an angle Metal
Casting, Investment Now Expendable pattern is surrounded by an investment compound and then baked so that the investment is hardened to form a mold Metal
Casting, Pressure Die Now Molten metal forced into mold Non-ferrous metals
Casting, Sand Now Molten metal poured into sand mold Metal
Drilling Now Rotating cutter moves in one dimension Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Electrochemical Machining Now A shaped form erodes work piece by electro chemical reaction Metal
Extrude Now Molten material forced thru die Metal
Fine blanking Now Custom punch cuts shape in one hit using tooling that creates a precise shear edge Metal
Finishing Now Various methods of treating surface of work piece Metal
Forging   Heated metal pressed into mold Ductile metals
Grinding, Surface Now Abrasive wheel creates uniform flat surface Metal
Honing (Polishing) Now Tool with rotating abrasive enlarges hole Metal
Knurling  Now Textured tool presses coarse textured pattern (cylindrical shapes) Metal
Laser Cutting  Now Laser beam vaporizes cut path Most
Wire Cutting(WEDM) Now Similar to contour cutting with a band saw Metal
Milling Now Rotating cutter moves in 3D Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Molding, Injection Now Molten plastic forced into mold Plastic
Plasma Cutting Now Spark vaporizes cut path Most
Sinker EDM Now A metal probe is plunged into a metal work piece via electrical discharge Metal
Reaming  Now Precision cutting tool creates accurate hole Metal
Band sawing  Now Cutting blade cuts material in straight line Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Silk Screen Now Ink is forced thru a mesh that holds a graphic pattern Most
Springs Now Wire formed into helical shape Metal
Spur gears cutting Now Cutting of plain 2D gears Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Threading & Tapping  Now Threads holes and protrusions Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Turret Punch  Now Successive punching of fixed shapes Sheet metal
Turning (lathe)  Now Cutter applied to rotating material (concentric shapes) Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Waterjet  Now High pressure water cuts sheet Hard(Metal,Plastic,etc)
Welding Now Joins metal surfaces Metal

 And for the  main process of our company --the investment casting process ,you can find more detail information in the Resource menu.