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Surface Finishes

Finishing machines treat the surface of your custom part. Finishing can be used for protection, decoration, and other uses. For example you may want to nickel plate a part to protect it from oxidizing or glass bead blasting create a nice matte surface. 


Surface Finishes Avail. Method  Materials 
Silk Screening  Now The Silk Screen machine is used to add graphics to your parts. Silk screening is a method of stencil printing in which ink is forced through a stretched silk mesh. Inks can be in one or more colors fine brushing & matte surface metal or plastic
Electroplating  Now Electroplating is a metal finishing process used to finish your part surface by submersing the part in a tank of chemicals and applying an electric current. Electroplating coats or alters the part surface with a thin layer mainly stainless steel
Metal Brushing  Now Metal brushing creates a surface texture that removes and hides surface defects. Brushed finishes have a parallel grain resulting from an abrasive belt or wire brush moving against the work piece in one direction.  mainly stainless steel & Aluminum &copper
Surface Grinding  Now Surface grinding creates an accurate flat surface. The flatness of surfaces processed by surface grinding typically range from .025 to .0025 mm metal surface,mainly tooling or jig plate
Mirror Polishing  Now Mirror polishing creates a smooth near-mirror uniform surface for decorative parts. mainly stainless steel & Aluminum &copper
Bead Blasting  Now Bead blasting creates a uniform matte texture by shooting small glass beads at a surface using air pressure most metal
Vibratory Finishing  Now Vibratory finishing changes the surface of parts by placing the parts in a vibrating bowl of abrasive media. Vibratory finishing produces a uniform random texture and slightly rounded edges. The vibratory process is used to remove burrs and improve the appearance of relatively small parts. most metal
Powder Coating  Now Powder coating is a process that powdered plastic onto a metal surface resulting in an appearance like paint, but is more durable. Powder coating is relatively hard and abrasion resistant. mainly stainless steel & Aluminum 
Anodizing    Anodizing is a finish that protects metal by increasing the surface oxide layer. mainly Aluminum 
Black Oxide Now Black oxide metal finishing produces a matte black finish. Parts that are treated with a black oxide finish mainly Aluminum 


           Black Oxide                          Bead Blasting                    Brushing  polishing                     Mirror Polishing